Wallingford Farm's Winter Services

Let Wallingford Farm plow your driveway and shovel your walk!Snow Plowing and Shoveling: Our snow plowing service is thorough, complete, and on time. You can also include shoveling, and sanding of sidewalks, steps, and mailboxes. Try us.

Let Wallingford Farm sand your driveway and your walk!Sanding: Melting snow and freezing rain followed by low temperatures result in the accumulation of ice on your driveway and on your walkways. Sanding will make them safer to drive and walk on. We will do a thorough and clean job.

Try Wallingford Farm's snowblower service!Snowblowing: Our snowblowing service is thorough, clean, and complete.

Protect your roof from ice dams and leaks!Roof Shoveling: Snow accumulation of 12" to 18" on your roof can lead to roof leaks, internal damage, and roof collapse. We can remove the snow and do a thorough and complete job.

Wallingford Farm can check on your home during a storm!Storm Watch: If you are worried about your home while you are away for the season or on vacation, we can help. We can check on your home during and after a storm and report our findings to you, for your peace of mind.

Wallingford Farm can clean up your yard after a storm!Storm Cleanup: Are you overwhelmed by tree damage and your cluttered grounds? Our landscaping crew can clean it up thoroughly and do a good job.

If you would like more information about any of these services, or if you are ready to sign up, call Charles at 207-985-2112.