Our History


portrait of George Wallingford
A portrait of Elizabeth Abigail Wallingford that hangs in the Brick Store Museum, Kennebunk, ME.
George Wallingford, First Moderator, 1820,
from the Kennebunk Centennial Celebration
Official Program, 1920.

Brick Store Museum Collection.
Elizabeth Abigail Wallingford (1806-1829)
by John Brewster, Jr. (1766-1854), 1808,
oil on canvas, 30 1/4" x 25".
Brick Store
Museum Collection, 1935.000.215.


The grand staircase in historic Wallingford Hall, long ago.Wallingford Hall and barns were built in 1804 by housewright/architect Thomas Eaton for George and Abigail Wallingford. George Wallingford was the son of Samuel Wallingford, the very first United States Marine. George, a lawyer by profession, was one of the founding fathers of the town of Kennebunk, Maine. In 1820, he was elected the first moderator for the town, was on the committee for Maine statehood, and was instrumental in Maine becoming a state.

George served as paymaster to the Maine soldiers headed to the War of 1812, and in 1817 he chaired the committee that welcomed President James Monroe to Kennebunk. The home remained in the family until 1933.

Restoration is under way at Wallingford Farm. On April 28th, 2004, on Wallingford Hall's 200th anniversary, The United States Congress placed the buildings and farm on the National Register of Historic Places. The historic restoration of the property is now in progress.

If you have any questions about the history or restoration of Wallingford Farm, contact Charles.