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If you need help in your garden...
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An inspired garden design is a thoughtful integration of Maine’s natural environment with well-chosen plant material, natural looking elements, and skillful design practices. Wallingford Farm is a showcase that reflects this philosophy and our design talents. Our garden designs stimulate the senses and provide a beautiful, well-blended connection to the surrounding environment.

Why have Wallingford Farm do your garden?

Because we have a staff of landscape and garden experts who will:

From annual and perennial borders to specialty gardens, Wallingford Farm offers a multitude of design options to help you transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful reflections of your personal style. We can reinvigorate and renovate your perennial gardens, create a peaceful sanctuary or a stunning new entryway with beautifully blooming plants.

Placement of plants and installation is critical for the success of the overall design concept. Wallingford Farm is experienced in all aspects of garden installation. Our garden staff will tend to your landscape on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We also offer spring and fall garden clean-up and rejuvenation pruning of your shrubs and perennials.

Wallingford Farm would love to assist you in planning, designing, and installing any kind of garden your imagination can create, including:

Annuals Rock
Blooming all season Rose
Color theme Seashore
Herb Shade
Historic Vegetable
Perennial Garden special for you

You can count on our quality and reliability, so if we can help you, call Becka or Charles at 207-985-2112, or contact him through our Web site to set up a site visit.

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