Garden Supplies & Accessories


West County gardening gloves
gardening gloves

Garden Supplies
Quality first when working in your garden — we have the gloves to wear, tools to use, seeds to plant, organic fertilizer to enhance, and organic pesticides to keep your plants and lawn healthy.

Jonathan Green lawn care products can help you have the best lawn in town!
grass seed & lawn products

Bonide pesticides will help you get rid of unwanted pests.
Bonide organic & non-organic pesticides
Use Neptune's Harvest fertilizer to help your plants thrive!
Neptune's Harvest fish-based liquid fertilizer


Garden Accessories
Add charm and uniqueness to your garden with our selection of garden accessories, including window boxes & liners, shepherd hooks, and harbor bells.
Wallingford Farm has a variety of fiber products.
fiber liners, window
boxes & hangers
Wallingford Farm has hooks of all sizes to display your plants, bird feeders, or decorations.
hooks of all sizes