Fall Cleanup
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Let the Wallingford Farm Landscaping Department take care of your lawn and gardens! Now is the time to schedule your fall planting, cleanup, and winterizing. Putting your garden to bed for the winter will increase the health and beauty of your plants next year.

planting a spring bulb garden  
planting perennials & shrubs  
leaf blowing
adding fall annuals  
clearing tree limbs from roof line
transplanting & division  
removing hazardous trees
perennial cut back  
cover tender perennials and shrubs
beach rose cut back  
fall composting
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fall lawn fertilization
pruning shrubs & trees  
fall lawn aeration
fall cleanup  
preparing your lawn for spring


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Let the Wallingford Farm Landscaping Service do your fall clean-up!


If you would like to winterize your yard yourself, here are a few helpful tips:


Cut back almost to the ground.
Weeding prevents twice the work in the spring!
After the ground freezes, apply a 2"-4" layer of winter mulch. Use straw, shredded leaves, or pine boughs.




Annuals and Vegetables:

Pull up all plants and weeds.
Compost them unless diseased.
After the ground freezes, apply 1"-2" compost.



Rake leaves to use as mulch or add them to your compost pile. Removing leaves allows the sunlight to reach the lawn.
Compost them unless diseased.
Using your seed spreader, sprinkle a light coat of compost over the lawn. This will fertilize the lawn, giving you better results in the spring!


Water well in late fall, especially if fall is dry. Watering strengthens shrubs to endure winter.
Do not prune — pruning causes new growth that winter will kill.
Mulch — cover base of plants with 4" of straw or shredded leaves.
To prevent winter burn, wrap evergreens, rhododendrons, and rose bushes with burlap or spray with antidesiccant.





Weed to avoid extra work in spring.
Drain soil of any excessive or standing water.
After ground freezes, apply 1"-2" of compost and 2"-4" of straw or shredded leaves.


For more information, go to: http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/hort/hil/hil-8112.html


herb garden



You can plant spring-flowering bulbs 4"-6" deep if the ground is still workable, usually up to mid-November.
Sprinkle gravel in the hole to prevent rodents from destroying them.
Store tender bulbs, such as tuberous begonias, gladiolas, and dahlias in vermiculite or peat moss in a paper bag in a dry, dark, cool place (65°).


bulb path



Clean with soapy water and scrub with a brush.
Clean rust with fine sandpaper or steel wool.
Dry tools with paper towels.
Sharpen with whetstone file from outer edge to center with downward strokes.
Wipe metal surfaces with vegetable oil.
Use linseed oil on wooden handles and store in a cool, dry place.
Drain and store hoses.


Let Wallingford Farm sharpen and renew your tools.


Wallingford Farm can clean, sharpen, and restore your tools for you. For more information, click here.


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